Are we alone in the universe?

It seems we are not!


The little green men are landing on our planet, but is

the world ready to host these strange creatures from

another place? Confrontation is inevitable. In 30

minutes, we will witness the appearance of flying

saucers, an alien invasion, the deployment of

the armed forces, and the destruction of

the main global capitals. Are we

seeing the end of humanity?


Unidentified object short form theatre

This short format is heavily inspired by the cinematic universe of the first alien invasion films of the 1950s, as well as by science fiction films more generally.


created : 2017

for all ages from 7 on up
Capacity : 50 personnes

running time 25 mn

Directing and acting : Olivier Rannou

directing associate Gaëtan Emeraud

with the help of Pascal Pellan, Alan Floc’h, Agnès Dupoirier


Production - Compagnie Bakélite

coproduction - Scène Nationale  du Sud Aquitain - Bayonne  - Ville de Rennes

Thanks to Lillico (Rennes) and Jungle -  Le Rheu (35)


Creation March 2018



Festival Méliscènes - Centre Culturel Athéna - AURAY

festival bienvenue sur mars - VIVOIN

Festival Les Jours Heureux - scène nationale du Sud Aquitain - BAYONNE


Festival Marmaille, Lillico - RENNES

Avis de Grand Frais – CDN de CAEN

M Festival – Maison Folie – LILLE

L’etincelle – ROSPORDEN

Festival 20 minutes de bonheur en plus - TREGUEUX
Service culturel de ST_YRIEIX
Festival Treto - Maison folie - TOURCOING

festival à l'abordage - Ile d’Aix
SMOB, Culture Commune, Scène Nationale de LOOS EN GOELLE
Festival Récidives – DIVES-SUR-MER

festival Contre-courant - CCAS - AvVIGNON


Titirimundi, SEGOVIA (Espagne)

Montagne Magique – festival Import Export - BRUXELLES(Belgique)

Genappe perd la boule – GENAPPE (Belgique)

coming ...

Porto, Parmes, Luxembourg, Stuttgart, Nuremberg,

Charleville-Mézières, St Point, Hennebont,

Couérons, Bourgoin-Jallieu ...