Festival Off des théâtres de marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières

From Sat 21 to Sun 29 of Sept. 2019

OPEN every day from 11am to 1am (except on Mon and Fri from 3pm to 1am)

! Opening night on Fri 20th at 8pm !

25 object theater oriented performances, impromptus, professional meetings... in different spaces : dome, tents, trailer, outdoor stages...

Most of the short pieces are all audience oriented. Productions specifically written for young audience will be performed in the mornings and afternoons.

Professionel meetings, evenings with a theme, open scenes, and concerts will add up to the programming.

Find Panique au Parc in Charleville... 5 min walking west from La place Ducale !

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to organize this joyful mess we are in need of money ! if you see any of it laying around .... please take it Here

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You will find below a selection of performances without text or available in English.

Click HERE if you wish to discover the full program of the festival


Dans les jupes de ma mère

Toutito Teatro / Sandrine Nobileau, Ixchel
Cuadros, Adàm Baladincz
25 mn / for all ages from 2 on up

This is a « pocket show » which visually, tells the daily rituals of a children life, but on any day: the first day at school. The company gives life to this key moment, inventing an ingenious costume: a « parents-home » where rooms are hidden in the costume corners… An inventive and funny show to share with family...

Dome / tues. 24 and wed. 25 at 16h / thurs. 26 at 15h45

no text
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Invaders (Envahisseurs)

Compagnie Bakélite / Olivier Rannou
25 mn / for all ages from 7 on up


The little green men are landing on our planet, but is the world ready to host these strange creatures from another place? Confrontation is inevitable. In 30 minutes, we will witness the appearance of flying saucers, an alien invasion, the deployment of the armed forces, and the destruction of the main global capitals. Are we seeing the end of humanity?


• Dome / sat. 21 at 21h15 / sun. 22 at 17h30 / mon. 23 at
22h / tues. 24 at 20h30 / wed. 25 at 12h30 / thurs. 26 and fri.27 at 20h30 / sat. 28 at 19h

no text

Very small trip (Trip tout petit)

Audrey Dero et Griet Herssens (Belgique)
15 mn / for all ages from 5 on up

Ready to go on a trip? This very small trip (Trip Tout Petit) is for you!

Two girls take you to a destination of your choice. Our visual travel agency takes you wherever you want. It offers tiny private trips. In a nutshell.


From Wed 25 to Fri 27, continuously from 3PM to 6PM (performances every 15 minutes). 

Please note the audience is limited to 5 people at once.

no text

Plane paper (Avion papier)

Collectif la Méandre
20 mn / for all ages from 1 on up

Avion Papier (Plane Paper) is a caravan show at the crossroads of digital arts, music and object theater. You are welcome in a cosy little world of animated pictures and the music is created live just for you


Caravan / from sat. 21 to tues. 24 continuously from 3PM to 6.30PM (performances every 30 minutes)
Please note the audience is limited to 14 people at once

no text
les petites geometries.jpg

Les petites Géométries

Juscomama / Justine Macadoux, Coralie
Maniez et Benjamin Villemagne
30 mn / for all ages from 3 on up

Two silhouettes examine one another. Atop their shoulders sit black boxes, a cubist camouflage that the pair cover with drawings as well as paintings of facial expressions to reflect their mood. Devised as a sort of cadavre exquis, we embark on a voyage that takes us from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, where language is born from a series of soundscapes.


Dome / sat. 21 and sun. 22 at 12h30 / mon. 23 at 19h /
tues. 24 at 14h

no text
courtes formes2.JPG

2 short Forms

La Pire espèce (Canada) / Etienne Blanchette,
Francis Monty
20 mn / for all ages from 8 on up

Poupées, dimension et hiérarchie

A child questions the hierarchical order of its large family and its own rank in it. 

How does size influence each role? In this short presentation, a Russian doll is at the same time child, family, path to be taken and obstacle to be overtaken. 

The story takes shape as the images are created by the arrangement of the Russian dolls. 

L’histoire à finir de Jimmy Jones et de
son camion céleste

In a mythical America, Jimmy Jones reveals the stories and disappointments of his father in the middle of cornfields and legends. 

Dome / fri. 27 at 22h / sat. 28 at 17h30 and 22h / sun.
29 at 13h

available in english


La Sophiste
for all ages from 7 on up

Do you sing in the shower? Who hasn't! The Douch'Box is an unexpected and off the wall karaoke, hidden behind the shower curtain, you can sing solo or with a friend or two, and show your talent to the world.


bar / from sat. 21 to tues. 24 in the evening

international songs

Minimal Circus

Compagnie Zusvex / Yoann Pencolé
40 mn / for all ages from 5 on up

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Minimal Circus! My name is Massimo Minimal, i'm the ringmaster of this unusual circus. Tonight you'll see clowns, acrobats, a hand tamer, a singing lion, siamese sisters and even a human cannonball! You'll be surprised, ladies and gentlemen, because the magic of this circus is not where you expect it! Minimal Circus it's a pinch of poetry, a spoon of technical feat and a good measure of funny nonsense. Let the show begin!

Dome / sat. 21 and sun. 22 at 19h / mon. 23 at 20h30 /
tues. 24 at 17h30 / thurs. 26 at 19h

no text

Cinderella (Cendrillon)

Scopitone et compagnie / Cédric Hingouët
25 mn / for all ages from 5 on up

Yellow soap, white vinegar, bicarbonate and bleach, Cinderella has as many products as tasks to perform in her new home. A pure maid who spends her days scrubbing, washing, hoovering, ironing and emptying ashtrays. She longs for a life that gleams like her step family's polished silver but her half-sisters and stepmother seem unwilling to help her.

outdoor stage / tues. 24 and wed. 25 at 11h45 in english / sat. 28 at 12h15 in french

available in english

Bambi, Get Off My Grass !

(Tire-toi de mon herbe, Bambi !)

La Cour singulière / Olivier Lehmann et
Hélène Rosset
30 mn / for all ages from 7 on up

Bambi, Get Off My Grass ! " Tire-toi de mon herbe Bambi!  " A zany little metaphorical fable about the spirit of ownership, the fear of others, but also an ode to nature, its grace and power... Through the theatre of objects and table puppets, one witnesses the struggle between ownership and savage instinct. This small theatre without words playfully allies visual poetry and black humour !

outdoor stage / sun 22 at 13h15 / mon 23 at 18h15 /
wed 25 at 13h15 / thurs 26 at 13h15 and 16h45 / fri. 27 at 19h45 / sat 28 et 18h15

no text

Little Olimpia

Hop ! Hop ! Hop ! (35) / Christine Le Berre
25 mn / for all ages from 18 months on up


Sweet little rag doll Olimpia enters into a quest of searching for her innner soul. Guided by her intuition she embarks for an initiatory journey. Filled with imaginary landscapes and greek mythological figures, her odyssey will allow her to shape an universal myth, and discover the heroe in her, the one that everybody carries in him.


Dome / sat. 21 and sun. 22 at 11h / mon. 23 at 15h45 /
tues. 24 at 11h

no text
visuel CODA ou BG.JPG


Compagnie Zusvex / Fanny Bouffort
15 mn / for all ages from 8 on up


Coda is a choreography for hands and objects that tells the ups and downs of
creating a theatrical piece, with humour and poetry. One follows the chaotic and
winding road of the creation process, with its failures and victories, to the rhythm of
a light rhapsody.

Dome / sat. 21 and sun. 22 at 20h30

available in english


Ticket price is at your free will : 0, 3, 5, 10, 15 ou 20 euros, up to you!! The ticket office is open :

• from 10.30am to 1.15pm for morning shows

(except on the 23rd and the 27th of September )

• from 2.45pm to 6.15pm for afternoon shows

• from 6.15pm to 10pm for evening shows


All, including persons with reduced mobility, can access the entire site, considering two 2 PMR spots are available under the Dome. Thanks for making your reservation in advance as we can welcome you the best we can .

Accessibility Contact : Marion Poupineau / +336 03 40 90 41 charleville.bakelite@gmail.com

For professionals

Contact : Hectores / Grégoire Le Divelec / +336 18 29 30 61 / panique.pro@gmail.com

professional reservation HERE





All about the off

Information for the whole festival off (city hall) :+33 (0)3 24 32 44 40 / offderue@charleville-mezieres.fr / www.off-marionnette.com

Organisational Comitee

Elsa André (Yokatta), Marine Blanken (Zarmine), Julien Galardon et Gildwen Peronno (Compagnie du roi Zizo), Grégoire Le Divelec (Hectores), Marion Poupineau et Olivier Rannou (Compagnie Bakélite), Régie Générale : Mathias Hérard, Scénographie : Zarmine

At the intiative of the company Bakélite, the collective Panique au Parc has formed to organize an artistic program responding to the call for proposal of the City of Charleville-Mézières.

Terms and Conditions

The project Panique au Parc is carried by the cie Bakélite : Licence 2-11117259 / licence 3-1122347 / SIRET : 484 855 531 000 48 – APE 9001Z


Panique au Parc is supported by the City of Charleville-Mézières and Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne

Private partnership : Panique au Parc is supported by Paysans Bretons


Samuel Giot, Blandine Robin, Arzu Zeghdane for the City of Charleville-Mézières, La Main Tenante (student union of ESNAM), La Pellicule Ensorcelée, Simon Hubeau, Morien Nolot, Julie Linquette, Manuel Sorroche, Isabel Andreen, Pierre-Yves Charlois et Flora Even for Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne

Hectores for the english version of the website