Bakélite devises, organises and promotes collective experiences. It uses the organisational skills it has honed in the course of its collaborations to benefit artists.

In 2016, Bakélite was one of the founding members of Jungle, a place of residence and artistic creation. A driving force in the life of the collective, the company organises, among other things, Safari – an annual showcase of the work of the artists in residence for members of the public.

In 2018, Bakélite assembled the Panique Au Parc collective, which flies the flag for object theatre at the world festival in Charleville-Mézières. It’s a project by the companies for the companies – and for their audiences!

Echoing its efforts to support artists, Bakélite also organises creative gatherings between object-theatre companies. These gatherings, which it calls LaBo(s), were launched in 2018 in Le Rheu and then relaunched in 2020 at La Bank in Redon, prompting the desire to repeat the experience in other locations. So many opportunities to unearth material, make connections and explore together.

In 2021-2022, the company is fulfilling a residential assignment in Liffré, as part of which it will co-develop temporary artistic trails throughout the town with the help of its inhabitants. Forêt For Ever will be one of the creations in this context. All will be opportunities for Bakélite to continue to experiment with other ways of bringing art and the public together.

The Bakélite story is still being written – who knows what it is yet to come up with tomorrow, or the day after?

PANIQUE AU PARC, festival IN Charleville-mézières

After two successful editions in 2019 and 2021, during the international puppetry festival in Charleville-Mézières, why not give it a go in the even-numbered years as well? In 2022, Panique au Parc will take place in Brittany, from 5 to 9 October.

FORÊT FOR EVER: a trail less travelled

A narrative walk in the forest revisiting popular fairy tales. Fôret For Ever was created during the residential assignment in Liffré and the lockdown in April 2021 to give spectators a unique experience of shows – in the great outdoors.

Fôret For Ever is for all forests!

SAFARI(S) At Jungle, collaborative space in Le Rheu

Together with Jungle, Bakélite organises numerous events that are open to the public, including occasional gatherings called Safaris that are full of surprises. In 2021, Safari Prend l’Air (Safari Goes Out and About) was co-organised with Agora – a cultural association based in Le Rheu. The Jungle artists were invited to perform in lots of places around the town.