Aurélien-Georgeault-Loch_Compagnie Bakelite


guest artist - actor, puppeteer, stage manager 

As a director and puppeteer with the Théâtre de Camelote from 2002 to 2012, Aurélien Georgeault-Loch developed numerous show formats combining puppets, objects and acting: Petites Formes, Ce Haiku qui m’échappe, Par delà le Marais, Aquarium, etc.

In 2011, he joined the Caravane company, where he quickly became involved in all its projects, whether as a writer, director, actor or even graphic designer. He was the coordinator of the Voisinages project (Villejean, Rennes), the guide for Les Sons d’à Côté, actor in and writer of Quand Est-ce qu’on Arrive ?, director of Tout a Été Fait et Dit Sauf Moi, stage manager for Oui ! Variation autour d’une Journée de Noce, etc.

At Caravane, just as he did at L’Eau Prit Feu, Les Becs Verseurs and Index, he ran numerous workshops (writing, drama, puppetry, objects) for all types of audiences.

Since 2015, he has taken part in several object-theatre placements alongside Katy Deville and Christian Carrignon (Théâtre de Cuisine), Harry Holtzman (Label Brut) and Agnès Limbos (Gare Centrale). This is how he discovers the best ways to use all the many objects he spends his time collecting!

In 2017, Aurélien created Cake et Madeleine, his first object-theatre piece. To ensure the success of the project, he turned to Bakélite for an external perspective (Olivier Rannou) and for help with administration, production and promotion. The partnership was further cemented in 2018, when he was invited by Bakélite to become an associate artist and thus participate fully in the organisation of events by the company.

In November 2021, he created the Jean-Marc project at the Liffré cultural centre.


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