© photo : Alice Khol


guest artist, AUThoR, actor 

Guillaume Alexandre was born in 1978 in Châteauroux but grew up in various places around France. It was expected that he would become a farmer, like his father. Instead, he chose the theatre. Initially, he did his training between Paris and Corsica, after which he joined INSAS (National Higher Institute for Performing Arts). In 2008, he founded the Schieve company, with which he played, among others, the Varia theatre and Océan Nord. He then taught himself puppetry and worked with children’s companies Les Zerkiens and Le Zetetique. The film director Frédéric Fonteyne introduced him to the joy of playing in front of the camera. Consequently, his artistic approach is shaped by all these interconnected strands.

Keen on working in teams, he has set up collectives combining skills from different fields: film, theatre, set construction and literature. He runs theatre workshops for children and adolescents.

Recently, he has been focusing on developing his own projects, creating scripts for Ivan Viripaev’s UFO and Illusions. He is developing an autofiction project on the theme of identity theft that will comprise three elements: a short film, a podcast and a theatrical format. His creative approach involves overlapping fiction and reality. He likes how, in a factual story, fiction can muddy the waters and transform what is real into something ideal – or ignore it altogether. Fact and fiction should feed off each other and allow the story being told to fire the imagination of the audience.

In 2019, at the World Puppetry Festival, he met Olivier Rannou, who invited him to take part in a ‘lab’ on object theatre.

This was how Caméléon began. Guillaume Alexandre now knows that his story will be told through object theatre.


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