Louise Gérard - compagnie Bakélite


PRODUCTION assistant 

Having studied in the ‘Maîtrise et Danse’ (proficiency in dance) department at the Caen Regional Conservatory for eight years, Louise continued to have an interest in live performance and acted for seven years.

In 2014, she moved into sociocultural work and became an active participant in the ‘Familles Rurales’ association by getting involved in various cultural event projects.

After studying Psychology in Caen, she transferred to Bordeaux to pursue an undergraduate diploma in social work, specialising in cultural arts and outreach. This enabled her to become familiar with the techniques of cultural outreach and build her knowledge of cultural arts, such as film, theatre, dance and circus arts. Over the years, Louise has been president of Tous Azimuts, a student association in Bordeaux that runs a festival at the start of every academic year to help new students settle into life on campus. She remains committed to cultural and event-related associations, undertaking work placements at the likes of Les Z’arpètes, where, among other things, she coordinates a music event designed to promote emerging artists on the local scene. In 2020, she resumed her studies, enrolling on the Audiovisual, Event and Multimedia Production Management (LP GPAME) programme at the University of Rennes 1. This led, by way of a civic service placement, to her joining Bakélite in April 2021. She has been tasked with several assignments, such as helping set up the second PANIQUE AU PARC (overseeing arrangements for welcoming the artists and volunteers), developing outreach and artistic creation activities, and participating in the Jungle association, of which Bakélite is part. All this valuable experience stands her in good stead in her role as production officer at Bakélite.


+ 33 (0)6 03 55 92 34