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artistic leader, director, actor, puppeteer, scenographer 

In 2000, Olivier Rannou encountered the world of live performance: his job as a cultural mediator led him to the Théâtre Lillico in Rennes, where he was in contact with the Marmaille Festival. This is when he made his decision: he would combine his humour and his love of DIY in theatre. At the beginning of this adventure, there was also a decisive friendship with Alan Floc'h, a talented and resourceful stage manager who has been Olivier's accomplice since the first creations.

Theatre, yes, but in what form? Olivier discovered the playful side of object theatre as well as its extremely demanding nature during a training course with Christian Carrignon, the co-director of the Théâtre de Cuisine. He refined his approach under the benevolent guidance of Denis Athimon of the Bob Théâtre, whose humour he appreciated as much as his ability to follow the clear lines of a story.

Olivier launched Compagnie Bakélite in Rennes in 2005. The adventure began at the Lillico Theatre, which offered him a chance to perform on stage in L'Affaire Poucet (2005). This was followed by ten years of fruitful artistic collaboration.

Stick-Up, Olivier's second show, was very well received and was performed over 300 times. This was followed by The Galley, The Caravan of Horror and Invaders. The sixth show is already being created.

With time, Olivier is still refining his artistic universe. The humour is often quite dark and remains a constant feature. The dramaturgy has become increasingly precise and wordless. The inventiveness is clear in the art of misappropriation, both of the object and of the cinematographic and literary genres from which Olivier likes to draw. The forays into new fields of exploration have multiplied over the years: installations (Précipitations and Blizzard) and scenographic tours based on diverted objects (Marmaille, Safari, etc.).

Olivier has refined his vision through experience and now uses it to help other artists in their own creative process. He assisted in the direction of Mytho Perso by Myriam Gauthier, Faits divers by Pascal Pellan, Cake et Madeleine by Aurélien Georgeault, and Starshow by Alan Floc'h.


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