Hostile-compagnie Bakelite_©Mathieu-Ezan

Hostile-compagnie Bakelite_©Mathieu-Ezan

Hostile-compagnie Bakelite_©Mathieu-Ezan

Hostile-compagnie Bakelite_©Mathieu-Ezan



OLIVIER RANNOU / premiered in january 2022

Find water, or die.

Surrounded by hostility: snakes and vultures, bandits and undertakers, sand as far as the eye can see. A man wanders in a scorching desert. The most important thing is for him to find water – his survival depends on it. The sun is without mercy, beating down on this white-hot expanse. The people who live here, hardened by solitude and blind to anything but the survival of the fittest, are more of a threat than a help.

The stage of the theatre is almost bare, starkly lit by spotlights. The actor, alone on stage, brings characters and obstacles to life, portraying the décor and situations.

Olivier Rannou returns to long-form theatre for the big stage with Hostile. The world of the character is drawn straight from a Spaghetti Western – brutal, but with dark humour providing a counterpoint. It’s an homage to the genre, while also playing with it by flipping its clichés


Dramatic tension is built up with a subtle balance, moving between disturbing and amusing.


In this piece, Olivier Rannou has opted to use object theatre, playing heavily with levels. Objects are hijacked, recycled and remodelled, always with the creativity that characterises all Bakélite projects. The set design makes use of lumber, representing the desert or a saloon just as easily... or a gold digger. This crude material sketches out a universe teetering on the brink of chaos.


latest tours

Long version: La Lucarne theatre - Scènes du Golfe, ARRADON (FR) • L'Hermine theatre, SARZEAU (FR)• Méliscènes festival — Athéna theatre, AURAY (FR) ///Compact version: Panique au Parc / The world puppet theatre festival (OFF)- CHARLEVILLE-MÉZIÈRES (FR) • Theatre, LIFFRÉ • Titirimundi festival, SEGOVIA (ES) …


© Text: Mathieu Dochterman • © Video & photos: Mathieu Ezan


NON-speaking show

All audiences, 8 years and over
Duration : 50 min (long version) or 25 min (compact version)


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Staging, scenery, and performed by Olivier Rannou
Staging assistant Gaëtan Emeraud, Robin Lescouët
Light design Alexandre Musset
Music Émilie Rougier
Costume Stéfany Gicquiaud
Artistic collaborations Fabien Bossard, Alan Floc'h, Aurélien Georgeault-Loch, Morien Nolot


Coproduction: Centre Culturel de Liffré • Prom'nons Nous Festival • Maison Folie theatre – Lille (59) • Théâtre à la coque, Centre national de la marionnette - Hennebont • Yzeurespace Theatre - Yzeure (03)

Residence hosts: Jungle, Le Rheu • Le Dôme theatre, Saint-Avé • Le TRIO.S theatre, Hennebont • Liffré, theatre • Espace Jéliote, National Centre for Marionettes (pending), Oloron-Sainte-Marie • Théâtre de Poche, Hédé- Bazouges • Théâtre à la coque, National Centre for Marionettes (pending), Hennebont • La Lucarne theatre- Scènes du Golfe, Arradon • Maison Folie theatre - Lille

With the financial help of Brittany Regional Department of Culture, the Brittany Regional Council, the Departmental Authorithy of Ille-et-Vilaine and the City of Rennes.