OLIVIER RANNOU / Creation 2018

There is a muted threat lurking in the darkness of space. At the edge of the universe, strange, gelatinous beings are moving towards Earth. Their intentions are still unknown... Will our armies be overcome? Will our world fall apart? And what is this disturbing character, half demigod, half undertaker, creating this story before the awe-struck audience?

Attending a performance of Invaders is like popping a sour candy into your mouth for the first time in 20 years: it tickles in the present, and it brings back fond memories. It’s an opportunity to play at being scared, but at the same time everything lends itself to a smile thanks to the omnipresent spirit of derision.

A short theatre show of objects on a table, largely inspired by the science fiction films of the 1950s. The general approach is a tribute to, and a diversion from, the cinematic universe of alien invasion films, from the sequencing of the scenes to the soundtrack.

Invaders has been received in many festivals in France and abroad. Join the crowd of spectators mesmerised by these little green jellies!

© Mathieu Dochterman


Over 25 minutes, Compagnie Bakélite presents a theatre of unidentified objects that will give you more chills than ‘The War of the Worlds’. (...) Using everyday objects, the French artist creates a thrilling story that is a cross between «Close Encounters of the Third Kind» in its ethereal atmosphere and «Mars Attacks!” in its crazy accessories.




Invasion in France

Culture Commune, Loos-en-Gohelle National theatre (FR) • Sud-Aquitain, Bayonne National theatre (FR) • Points communs, Cergy-Pontoise National theatre (FR) • Méliscènes festival - Athéna theatre, Auray (FR) • Festival Marmaille - Lillico, Theatre for young people, Rennes (FR) • Avis de Grand Frais - Hérouville-Saint-Clair National Drama Center of Normandie (FR) • M Festival - Maison Folie, Lille (FR) • Récidives festival - Le Sablier, National Centre for Marionette (pending) , Ifs and Dives-sur-Mer (FR) • Nuit de la marionnette festival & MART0 festival - Jean-Arp, publicly founded theatre, Clamart (FR) …

International Invasions
Titirimundi festival, Segovia (ES) • Festival Import Export - La Montagne Magique / Bronx, Bruxelles (BE) • Genappe perd la boule - Le Monty/Tof Théâtre, Genappe (BE) • Panoptikum festival, Nuremberg (DE) • Teatro Municipal, Porto (PT) …


NON-speaking show

All audiences, 7 years and after
Duration: 25 min




Directing and acting Olivier Rannou
Staging consultant Gaëtan Emeraud
Special thanks to Pascal Pellan, Alan Floc’h, Agnès Dupoirier
Support for project development Charlène Faroldi, Louise Gérard, Sandrine Hernandez


Co-production Scène Nationale du Sud-Aquitain, Bayonne

With the financial support of the Brittany Regional Council and the City of Rennes.

Thanks to Lillico, Rennes and Jungle, Le Rheu



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