A rather pathetic-looking man stands in front of a battered old caravan. The atmosphere around him is eerie and disturbing. He invites the audience to step inside the caravan, where a show is due to take place. He reminds them that the performance may only be attended by those aged 10 or over.

The bold spectator who dares to cross the threshold soon hears the door slam shut behind them. They are plunged into darkness, along with 16 other – willing – victims. The caravan creaks. The serial killer is close at hand.

The Caravan of Horror is a variation of the thriller film genre, in the style of Alfred Hitchcock. Rather than featuring a fountain of blood and guts, it’s about creating an atmosphere of trepidation and excitement, culminating in elements of surprise that elicit cries of terror. In short, it’s about the thrill of being scared.

Object theatre is the perfect means to build these 17 minutes of tension and exploit all the conventions of the genre, with a touch of humour. The soundtrack alone is a homage to suspense films, its sole purpose being to set the spectators’ nerves on edge.

It’s an adventure behind closed doors for 17 thrill-seeking spectators!

© Mathieu Dochterman


Featuring all the ingredients of a traditional suspense film. Get ready for 17 minutes of chills, thrills and belly laughs!

Agnès le Morvan, Ouest-France

some tours (nearly 600 performances)

In France

Trident, Cherbourg National Centre (FR) • Sud Aquitain, Bayonne National Centre (FR) • Le Channel, Calais National Centre (FR) •  Métacorpus Festival, Reims National Centre (FR) • Perspectives Festival, Saarbruck National Centre (FR) •  Choisy-le-Roi theatre (FR) • The world puppet theatre festival (OFF)- Charleville-Mézières (FR) • Marmaille Festival, Lillico theatre, Rennes (FR) • Compli’cité Festival - Le Triangle, Huningue (FR) • Maison Folie Hospice d’Havré, Tourcoing (FR) • Nouvelles Pistes Festival, Thionville (FR) • MARTO Festival – Île-de-France tour •  Saperlipuppet Festival, La Chapelle-sur-Erdre (FR) • Méli-Mélo Festival, Cestas (FR) • l’Intervalle theatre, Noyal-sur-Vilaine (FR) • Récidives Festival - Le Sablier, National Centre for Marionettes (pending), Ifs and Dives-sur-Mer (FR) …


Titirimundi Festival, Ségovia (ES) • Internacional Language Exchange Festival, Rio de Janeiro (BR) • Festival internacional de teatro de bonecos, Belo Horizonte (BR) • Festival de Teatre de Teresetes de Mallorca, Palma de Majorque (ES) • Rebelion Festival de los Munecos (CL) • Genappe perd la boule festival, Genappe (BE) • MAF festival, Santander (ES) • TCAF festival, TAIPEI (TW) …


NON-speaking show

Forbidden for kids under 10
Duration: 17 min


artistic team

Directing: Olivier Rannou
Props: Olivier Rannou & Alan Floc’h
With: Olivier Rannou, Alan Floc’h & Gildwen Peronno alternately
Music: Erwan Coutant.


Coproduction: Lillico theatre, Rennes (FR). 

Supports : Les Ateliers du Vent, Rennes (FR), le Théâtre de Poche, Hédé (FR).

With the financial help of the Brittany Regional Council and the City of Rennes.